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Artwork Submission & Printable Area Limitations
Submission of Artwork
We can receive artwork in the following forms:

film: (one up, all separations, positive emulsion down, up to 150 lpi)

electronically via disk: (CD, ZIP) or via email to

formats (MAC):
pdf (as separations with crop marks)
Quark (Mac up to v8)
Adobe InDesign (Mac up to CS3)
Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe Illustrator
formats (PC):
pdf (as separations with crop marks)
Corel (up to X4)
Adobe PhotoShop
All of our software packages are up-to-date with the latest versions. We can accept jobs in any of the above programmes, as a pdf, film or even hard copy.

With all artwork, especially submitted electronically, please ensure that the colour separations are correctly set up. If in doubt please phone to check before submitting artwork.

We can create your artwork for you if you wish. Please enquire.
Please contact us using one of the options below:

Telephone: 01938 552260
Fax: 01938 554758
Address: WPG Ltd, Printing House, Severn Farm Enterprise Park, Welshpool, Powys, SY21 7DF.

Printable Area Limitations
Envelopes printed on sheet fed presses have some restrictions on the area that can be printed.

  1. Please keep 10mm clear of print along the leading edge of the envelope (please see price table to identify leading edge for each envelope type).
  2. The image must not bleed off any edge of the envelope.
  3. If the printed image crosses a part of the envelope where there is a change in thickness (i.e. the thickness of the envelope changes from 2 to 3 thicknesses of paper), there is likely to be a slight variation in the ink density at this point. This is especially so for areas of halftone. It is best if possible to keep each element of print away from changes of thickness. If you would like a sample of the envelope, please telephone 01938 552260.

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